Ask for support

YMCA helps people experiencing disadvantage by subsidising the costs of YMCA programs and services.

YMCA offers a great range of programs and services for people of all ages, abilities, cultural backgrounds and lifestyles. However, unfortunately not all people can afford to participate.

It is part of our mission to provide equal access to health and wellness services to all members of the community, and help everyone lead healthier and happier lives.

If you or someone you know is experiencing financial difficulty, but would like to access the YMCA’s services, subsidies of 80-100% are available through YMCA Open Doors.

To be eligible two forms need to be completed.

  1. An application form to be completed by the individual seeking support, and
  2. A nomination form to be completed by a referral agency to verify that the applicant is unable to pay but would benefit greatly from participating in a YMCA program or service.

Referral agencies include:

  • employment services
  • health providers
  • welfare organisations, and
  • support groups.

Subsidised access can be provided to a range of YMCA programs and services including health and wellness/fitness training, swimming and water safety programs and camps.