Safeguarding Children and Young People

At YMCA Victoria we are committed to providing a safe environment for all children and young people. Read our Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy.

Occupational Health and Safety policy

We recognise our legal, ethical and moral responsibilities to prevent work related injury and illness. The YMCA is committed to providing safe places of work that do not place the health and safety of any person at risk. Read our Occupational Health & Safety policy.

Environmental policy

YMCA Victoria is committed to building a thriving, prosperous, safe and sustainable Y. This includes a specific commitment to minimize our environmental impact and advocate for healthier environments.

YMCA Victoria acknowledges the importance of protecting the environment in a sustainable manner to help reduce any detrimental impact its operations and activities might have. YMCA is committed to ensuring this through the development, implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System, based on the international ISO14001 Standard. Read our Environmental Policy.


Our Privacy Policy (in a nutshell)

We only store the data we need to conduct business, in a secure location with limited access, and will only contact you when we have your permission. We are committed to complying with all privacy legislation, but if you would like to contact us about anything relating to the privacy of your data, please email vicoffice@ymca.org.au.

Need more details? Read the full version.

The YMCA respects the privacy of our clients, members, participants, staff, volunteers and visitors.

This Policy meets the requirements of the Commonwealth Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Privacy Amendment Act), The Privacy Regulation 2013, made under the Privacy Act and related Victorian Government legislation (Health Records Act 2001 and the Information Privacy Act 2000). 

The YMCA reserves the right to make changes or amendments to the YMCA Privacy Policy as required by law.

1. Collection, use and disclosure of information

YMCA Victoria collects personal information directly from your use of the YMCA Victoria website and any membership, attendance or subscription you make to receive our services or information, including via email. The YMCA collects personal information directly from our clients, members, participants, volunteers and visitors through electronic, verbal, and written correspondence.

a. Collection of personal or sensitive health information

The YMCA collects personal information such as:

  • contact details
  • credit card details
  • attendance records
  • purchasing records
  • email addresses

the YMCA also collect sensitive health information such as:

  • blood pressure
  • body-mass index
  • personal medical plans
  • public incident injury and claim records

b. Use of personal or sensitive health information

The YMCA may use personal/health information for:

  • programs and service provision
  • verification of identity
  • research and development purposes
  • marketing and promotion of our services to you
  • fundraising

c. Disclosure of personal or health information

The YMCA may disclose personal & health information to organisations/individuals outside the YMCA in order to provide the range of services and programs offered. The consent of the individual will be sort prior to any disclosure of personal or health information.

Disclosure of personal and health information will be in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

We do not sell or share your information to other organisations and we comply with the requirements of the Privacy law in our marketing communications to you.

Philanthropic support and marketing activities are important to the future development and growth of the YMCA and our programs. You may be contacted from time to time to seek such philanthropic support for the YMCA, or receive copies of marketing by mail or email. The opportunity to opt out of receipt of such materials will be made available with each communication.

We may use video surveillance for security purposes and the footage will be used only by the YMCA and by the providers of our security services for security purposes. Surveillance videos are not used by the YMCA for other purposes and the footage is not publicly available. Surveillance cameras are not located in any bathrooms or change room facilities.

2. Data Quality

The YMCA takes reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is accurate, complete and up to date whenever it is collected, used or disclosed.

3. Data Security & Retention

The YMCA takes reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse, interference and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Electronic personal and sensitive information is stored in a secure, Australian-based datacentre.

Only authorised YMCA staff, volunteers, or sub contractors have access to information for
approved purposes.

Health information will be retained for a minimum of 7 years following the last occasion on which service was provided. Where information was collected while the individual was a child it shall be retained until the individual is 25 years old, or for 7 years whichever is the greater. Your personal information that is no longer required will be de-identified or destroyed. In many circumstances, however it will be kept for marketing purposes as you will have consented to that in writing with us.

Where the YMCA receives unsolicited job applications these will usually be dealt with in accordance with the unsolicited personal information requirements of the Privacy Act.

4. Openness

The YMCA Privacy Policy is available to:

  • The community, members and clients through external promotional material brochures and websites.

5. Access and Correction

Access to personal information collected and stored by the YMCA will be administered according to the Australian Privacy Principles.

The YMCA, upon completion of a 'Personal Information Request Form' may provide the person requesting access to their individual’s personal information. All requests are processed within 30 days of receipt of application at no charge. Although no fee will be charged for accessing your personal information or making a correction, the YMCA may charge a fee to retrieve and copy any material. Access to personal information for the purposes of viewing or correction will only be available to people requesting changes to their specific information or authorised carers/guardians with the consent of the person requesting the information.

In accordance with the Health Records Act, all Health information collected by the YMCA will not be deleted. Amendments or alterations to the health information will be recorded on a separate form and attached to the original file.

We will be entitled in some circumstances to refuse access and if we do so, we will consider whether a mutually agreed intermediary will allow sufficient access to meet your needs and ours.

6. Unique Identifiers

The YMCA may be required to collect an individual’s identifier such as Tax File number, Medicare number or Social Security number for the provision of services. These identifiers will only be disclosed to agencies as required by law and in line with the Australian Privacy Principles

7. Anonymity

Wherever it is lawful and reasonable to do so, the YMCA provides an opportunity to remain anonymous.

You do have the right to seek to deal with us anonymously or using a pseudonym, but in almost every circumstance it will not be practicable for us to deal with you or provide any services to you except for the most general responses to general enquiries, unless you identify yourself.

8. Transferred data flows

The YMCA does not transfer any personal information overseas without the consent of the individual. We do not use overseas hosted IT services including servers and cloud services.

9. Sensitive information

The YMCA collects sensitive information such as religion, gender, disability, and criminal records where:

  • the individual has consented; or
  • the collection is required by law.

The YMCA does not disclose this information without consent.

10. Transfer/Closure of Health Service

In the event of a YMCA managed health service (i.e, medical suite, massage service, physiotherapy service, sports medicine service, health and fitness club, recreation centre) being transferred, sold, leased, or ceasing operation; the YMCA will enact appropriate notification and transfer procedures as directed by the Health Records Act.

11. Info to another Health Service Provider

If requested by an individual the YMCA shall transfer their health information to a designated/ recognised health provider (i.e, medical suite, massage service, physiotherapy service, sports medicine service, health and fitness club, recreation centre, medical practitioners) free of charge on the completion of a "Personal Health InformationTransfer Form".

The transfer of health information will be completed within 14 working days.

12. Consent

By acquiring or using the YMCA services, products or facilities, individuals consent to the reasonable collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

Consent may be directly implied in the completion of an application, membership or registration form or indirectly implied. Eg: YMCA requests personal details to forward program information and the customers supplies their name and address for this purpose.

13. Complaints Procedure

Formal complaints regarding the manner in which personal information is collected, used, or disclosed are to be handled in accordance to the "YMCA Complaints Handling Procedures".

YMCA Victoria responds to all concerns or complaints related to the potential breach of private personal information.

If you would like to report a concern, you can contact the YMCA Victoria Privacy Officer by completing this online contact enquiry form.

A designated officer will review your submission, liaise with relevant parties and respond to you via a phone call.

If we then have not dealt satisfactorily with your concerns we will make arrangements to meet for further discussion.

If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint within 30 days from this meeting then you can refer your complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (AIC).

The Privacy Act 1988 requires complaints to the AIC be submitted be in writing via the options below. Complaints cannot be submitted via telephone.

14. YMCA websites

The YMCA collects personal or sensitive information through websites, e-commerce systems, etc. The YMCA protects websites through the use of industry standard SSL encryption. Your data is encrypted so any unauthorised third party intercepting your data will not be able to make sense of it.

When you visit YMCA Victoria websites, we collect non-personal information to help manage our website and provide a more personalised experience. You will remain anonymous unless you provide us your details by completing a web form or signing in.

We collect:

  • the date and time of your visit to the site
  • the pages viewed
  • the device, operating system, and browser in use
  • your geo-location and IP address
  • address of referring website (your previous website visited)
  • any information downloaded


Our websites use cookies to provide secure, personalised services. A cookie is a small data file stored on the browser on your mobile device or computer. They are used for a range of purposes to enhance your experience, including security and personalising content.

Cookies are used to obtain information regarding the use of the website and to deliver relevant information to you. By using the website you agree to YMCA Victoria’s use of technology of this type. Most internet browsers are set to accept cookies, however you can configure your preferences and options in your browser to reject all cookies. Rejecting cookies may limit the functionality of our website and your personalised experience.

YMCA Victoria uses “session” cookies for analytical purposes. These cookies gather visitor behaviour information for analytical purposes, using tools like Google Analytics. This information is not used to track a visitor, but is instead reported in aggregate to help improve our websites. If the visitor is registered as a member on our website, they are allocated a unique tracking identification code, however, a third party cannot identify that visitor from the tracking identification code. Google offers an opt-out browser add-on if you wish to prevent your data being used by Google Analytics.

Our websites also uses tags such as the Facebook advertising pixel, which are tiny bits of website code that allow us to measure traffic and visitor behaviour, and to understand the impact of online advertising, use remarketing and audience targeting. These tags do not collect any personally identifiable information. We use Google advertising and other third-party ad services. These vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on your visit to our website. We also embed content from third party websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Google Maps. Cookies from those websites may also be placed on your device. You can manage cookies through your browser settings.

YMCA Victoria’s websites have links to other websites and third party providers. These third party websites may collect information about you, to which YMCA Victoria may have access. Once you leave our website, the guidelines of this privacy policy no longer apply. Please read carefully the relevant privacy policies or terms and conditions governing these linked sites to ensure your privacy is protected.

Electronic communications

Where we use your personal information to send you marketing information by e-mail, SMS, MMS or other electronic means we may do so with your express or implied consent. You may give us your express consent by, for example, ticking a box on an electronic or paper form where we seek your permission to send you electronic or other marketing information. Consent may be implied from our existing business relationship or where you have directly or indirectly provided us with your electronic address.

All of our electronic marketing activities will comply with the requirements of the Spam Act 2003 (Cth).