Keep Warm this Winter!

  • Date: 07 June 2018
  • Category: All news
NPAC Winter Warmer SL Web Image

There’s no need to cancel your child’s swimming lessons over the cooler months. Our program pool is heated to a balmy 32 degrees all year round and our indoor 25 m pool to a lovely 29 degrees.

Regular swimming will benefit your child by producing far better results than stopping and starting lessons. Skills that are learnt can continue to be consolidated and advanced, rather than catching up later in the year. This is particularly true in children who are under 7 years of age, as their long term skill retention and muscle memory are just starting to develop. Continuing swimming lessons through winter will ensure all the time and money you have invested into your child’s swimming lessons is not wasted over the winter months.

Don’t forget, our lessons are generally quieter enabling greater selection in class times and also in smaller class sizes.

Why continue throughout the colder months:

  • Your child will continue with and maintain their level of skill and fitness.
  • A child who continues on with lessons throughout the year will retain a healthy respect for the water and continue to build skills beyond those of seasonal swimmers.
  • Swimming is taught by repetition therefore giving them a break for winter or summer holidays can hinder their learning process.
  • The more water access your child gains throughout the year the better water skills and development they will have.