Winter workouts


Inactivity during the winter months is common, but it is important to remember that regular exercise is essential to life-long health benefits.

With less sunlight hours, exercising in the dark mornings and nights is less attractive, and staying motivated becomes hard. While it might seem like a good idea to forget about physical activity in winter this makes it difficult to re-ignite your health and fitness routine come the warmer months. Stopping and starting physical exercise makes sustaining your fitness and ideal weight tough, and rebuilding a good exercise routine is harder than maintaining one. Winter is also a time when we are more susceptible to colds and flus, and a lack of regular physical exercise can weaken your immune system.

To stay motivated in the winter months you might want to try some of the following tips:

  • Don’t get left out in the dark
    Make the most of the daylight hours and stretch your legs during lunchtime. Go for a walk, run or organise a lunchtime team sport with workmates.
  • Don’t go it alone
    An exercise partner will help you to stay motivated when it’s cold outside, so phone a friend and get active together.
  • Try something new
    Winter is a great time to experiment with your workout. Use a new piece of gym equipment or attend a new group fitness class.
  • Use your jaw muscles
    Talk to our staff and fitness professionals to keep your exercise program fun and challenging during winter.
  • Be game
    Mix up your exercise program by adding a game of sport. Almost every sport can be played indoors, so get a team together.
  • Get wet
    Find your local heated pool. Try swimming, water aerobics, or even just walking or running laps in the water.
  • Use social media
    Tell your friends on Facebook that you are going to the gym. Once you’ve done that, you are more likely to stay committed as you would feel like you are lying to your friends.

Regular physical activity is necessary to sustain life-long health benefits, so don’t let your exercise routine slip in the winter months. Regular exercise is also beneficial for your immune system, which is important to keep winter colds at bay. The good news is if you exercise outdoors in the cold you burn more kilojoules! See winter as an opportunity to refresh your usual exercise routine and try something new with a friend or family member. Lastly, don’t forget there are a range of indoor activities you can do at your local centre that will keep you motivated and out of the cold.

So fight the temptation to sit on the couch with a hot coffee and biscuit – pull on your runners and keep active.