Technology and fitness

Technology is continually advancing and becoming increasingly integrated into our everyday lives. We can adopt it as a useful tool to help us on our way to a healthier lifestyle.

Technology can often be associated with a lack of health – sitting inactively in front of a television or computer screen. However, technology doesn’t have to be viewed as a detriment to health and fitness. We seem to always have technology within arm’s reach, whether it is the smart phone in our pocket or the radio in the shower. So why not make these technologies work in a way to increase and improve health and fitness?

If you love technology, why not adopt some of these ideas into your health and fitness routines:

  • Up the apps
    Have a look at what apps are available to put on your smart phone. You could download an app which teaches you some stretches, or one which helps you monitor your fitness levels. It is important that you download credible information and if in doubt, check with a health care professional first.
  • Tune into your fitness
    Download some musical tunes onto your computer or portable MP3 player, or create a playlist with your favourite dance-inducing music. Use this playlist to motivate yourself while exercising. Or, why not have a solo or group dance party to your musical playlist? Dancing is a fun way to exercise and burn calories!
  • Smart notes
    One way to assess your health and fitness is by taking note of what and when you are eating and exercising. But instead of hunting for a pen and paper, why not use your phone to take smart notes to record your food intake and exercise routine. Taking these types of notes can help you identify unhealthy eating habits, and you can calculate if you are getting enough exercise on a weekly basis.
  • Fitter by Twitter
    Use social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, to let others know when you have exercise plans. This will help to create a sense of accountability and motivation to stick to your plans. Remember not to give out any specific details of where and when you are exercising; stick to something general like: “I’m going to try a Body Pump class this week.” Sending this out to your friends might also encourage your friends to be healthier, or you could end up with an exercise buddy!
  • Internet inspiration
    Use the internet as an inspirational medium. The internet has some fantastic recipes and ideas for healthy meal plans. Read up on some different meal ideas and recipes that you haven’t tried before. Changing the healthy meals that you are eating instead of sticking to the same foods, will keep healthy eating interesting!

Because technology is ingrained into many aspects of our everyday lives, it makes sense to use it in a way that can improve our health and fitness. Reviewing the possibilities of technology can result in using our smart technologies in smart new ways. It could be as a motivation tool or a way to gain inspiration, ideas and information.

Renew your outlook on technology and fitness and try these tips to make technology your new health and fitness friend.