Getting the most out of your workout

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Cal Czwarno –YMCA Personal Trainer and Health Club Manager shares some simple ideas to help you meet your personal fitness goals.

The question every gym goer asks is “how can I get results?”

I’ve seen it all on the gym floor. For every member who smashes their fitness goals there’s always a handful more who don’t see the progress they’re hoping for.

Being a part of the YMCA is more than a gym membership, it’s more than equipment and exercise – it’s being part of a community.  And gym staff are on-hand to help you meet your personal goals.

Getting the most out of your membership can be as simple as doing things a little differently. The problems people encounter are often similar, even if they’ve got completely different goals.

So with this in mind, how can you get the results you’re after? I have over six years working in health clubs and personal training studios so here are my four key things to keep in mind when trying to achieve your fitness goals.

Mix it up – If you constantly repeat the same thing you will get the same results. If you’re not making progress it’s time to talk with a trainer to discuss adding some variety to your workout. One of the benefits of being a member at the Y is that you can book a check in at any time to review what you’re doing and have a new program developed at no extra cost.

Take the headphones out – One of the best parts of training at the Y is the vibe on the gym floor and the people you can meet. Headphone culture stops those conversations. The next time you’re in the centre take a look around and you’ll see a room full of people trying to achieve their fitness goals. Have a chat to another member, or our staff, about what they’re up to. It’s a great way to meet new friends, learn different exercises, and find other people to work out with.

Lift weights –Cardio burns calories but doesn’t boost your metabolism. Weight training and a well-balanced diet are the two most important aspects of your training for muscle and tone. If you’re trying to lose body fat and get into shape, lifting should be the cornerstone of your gym program.

Keep on track – Have a plan, persevere and stick to it. Being consistent in your exercise regime is a vital part of getting results. Set yourself simple goals, like attending the gym a minimum of three times a week, and completing three full workouts.  It doesn’t need to be overly complicated, being consistent is more important!

Next time you’re on the treadmill or grabbing a set of dumbbells, take a moment to think about what you are doing in the gym and why, have a chat with the personal trainers and make your workouts work for you.